About Us

Go digital without the hassle

Our Vision

Our vision is digital enablement of small and medium enterprises.

Our Story

Story of Kiritra began while on a routine visit to a crowded bank branch in rural India. Spending close to two hours to get my work done, got me thinking. A conversation with the branch manager sowed the seed of building an affordable yet scalable digital platform for banks.

Chandrasekhar Turlapati

Meet the team

Chandrasekhar Turlapati

Chandrasekhar has spent over 24 years building complex platforms in private banking, investment banking and capital markets for  banks, stock exchanges and startups.

Bipin Vellathingal

A technologist with over 20 years in banking, capital markets & SaaS, he has architected products that have been deployed in key organizations across North America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Dr Rajendra K Sinha
(Advisor - Banking)

He is an enterprising leader & planner with more than three decades of operational experience with State Bank of India in various leadership roles and as an educator.